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Travel has been a primary path for germs.

Diseases ranging from mild viruses to deadly disease like Zika, Tuberculosis, and hard-to-treat varieties of the flu can be spread. Yet hundreds of millions of people travel by various means of public transportation.


Every day, more than 18 million pairs of hands are touching those surfaces in New York’s subway system, the largest in the nation.

Boston’s T, the United States’ fourth busiest mass transit system, sees 569,200 passengers on any given workday.


US-based insuranceQuotes conducted 18 tests from three major US airports.

The average screen at the kiosks had 253,857 CFU, according to the study, compared to an average of only 19,881 CFU on an airport water fountain button or 172 CFU on a household toilet seat.

Reviving the Industry

Within this space, when it comes down to cleaning all the surfaces that a person who was sick might have come into contact with, the job of cleaning all of these areas will be nearly impossible.

With GermScan Devices, you can protect your travelers and keep them coming back as they feel safe and protected.

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